Training Programs » Complete Success Package

We look forward to assisting you in tapping into the very lucrative world of tax sales through our Complete Success Package.

Through this program, you will receive the following:

  • Six Session and 16+ hours FREE Online Training on how to
    purchase Tax Liens & Tax Deeds.
    (Held nightly over two weeks from one of the industry's top experts!)
  • Unlimited Free Email Support.
  • Free listing of Internet Sales.
  • The Complete Comprehensive Guide to Tax Liens & Tax Deeds.
  • All State Manuals on how to purchase Tax Liens & Tax Deeds in your area.
  • A complete Tax Sale List Subscription of 25 lists a month.

Complete Success Package

Workshop Schedule:

Six Weeknight Classes held Tuesday-Thursday over two weeks:

Pacific: 5:30 PM
Mountain: 6:30 PM
Central: 7:30 PM
Eastern: 8:30 PM

If you have a schedule conflict, don't be concerned as all sessions are recorded (both video and audio) and you will receive all Six On-Demand videos to watch at your convenience..

**There are no cancellations or refunds once the workshop has started. There is a one-time $5.00 charge upon signing up to access all workshop manuals. The Complete Success Package is a minimum: six month commitment of $29.00 a month. You may cancel anytime AFTER your six month obligation is complete by contacting customer support at**