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Hello, my name is John Lane. Let me get right to the point.

I am sick and tired of "gurus", who have never been in my business, offering "secret" courses about tax sales for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars. To stop this we are now offering our award winning tax sale course, which is the most inclusive available, for nothing...That is right, you get 15 hours over six sessions online, for exactly $0.00

In my career, I have researched over 2,000,000 properties and purchased over 77,000 tax liens totaling more than $172,000,000 million dollars in tax sale acquisitions. I know this business and I've had it with rip off artists charging for bad information.

You will NOT find anyone else in the Tax Sale industry who can top those numbers.

Here's why that's important to you.

I want to give you a personal exposure to this profitable industry with a FREE Online Workshop and show you what we can teach you. There is no obligation and no cost whatsoever. If after this 25 minute webinar you feel we know what we are talking about, then register for our free 15 hour, six session, online course.

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The live online workshop will be held on . The workshop will be held for one half hour period.

Now's the time to make a difference in your life. Let me help you, step by step, to gain real financial freedom through the very lucrative tax sale industry.

John Lane

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